Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rules of SymphonyShare

1. New members: MUST perform one of the two required actions within 3 days of becoming member. Failure to perform one of the two required actions within 3 days of becoming member, will result in the cancellation of the membership status!
There are now TWO ways to make your membership permanent:
1) Post an introduction under "New Member Introductions"! To do so, simply click on the existing thread "New Member Introductions" and "post a reply" to Walter.

2) Post a reply to an existing thread, or start a meaningful new thread. A simple "thanks" to any existing thread is sufficient to fulfill the this requirement.


WARNING!!! It is YOUR responsibility to check (a couple of days after you have proceeded with option 1 or 2) whether or not the posting has showed up. If it did, your membership has been approved. If it didn't, your request for membership either hasn't been processed or was REJECTED!

  1. You may apply for membership for as many times as you wish.
  2. Posting restrictions apply to all new members. Once you've posted the intro (correct format) or replied to a thread/started a new thread, the restriction will be lifted.
2. File hosting: To make sure that all members have a fast, trouble-free downloading experience. We strongly recommend using our own dedicated server, please consult the relevant threads. 
Reliable File sharing websites can also be used, some notable examples are:

3. Ownership: It is NOT allowed to pass music links from this group onto other groups or forums, unless you are the sole owner of the links. If found guilty, the guilty members will be banned. The download will be permanently deleted from its file-hosting service.

4. Which Recordings Can Be Shared?:
The "Share" List
  • Radio Broadcasts
  • Out of Print recordings (must not be sold on!)
  • Non-Commercial recordings (CDs that were not made for sale, e.g promotion CDs)
  • CDs from Japan.
  • Your own transfers of LPs and cassette tapes. 

The "No-Share" List
  • Commercially available recordings, digital media. i.e. It can be purchased online from Amazon, Jpc, or iTunes or any other major online music store.
  • Arkiv CDs

5. NO LINKS to File-sharing BLOGS or Sites shall be permitted at SymphonyShare. However, you are free to link to online stores like Jpc, Amazon or Arkivmusic, etc... or any INFORMATIONAL website as reference.

6. Revoked Membership: Former Members will not be granted membership after having membership revoked for severe misconduct.

7. Posting Format: uploads should clearly state the following information:
  • Composer
  • Conductor (if any)
  • Orchestra/Ensemble/Group/artist
  • Short description
  • Audio format/Bitrate   
IMPORTANT: Routine inspections will be performed by managers in order to find postings that are not up to standard. Postings lacking relevant information will be deleted, the poster will be put on probation where he/she loses his/her posting privileges.
8. Passwords: No password on .Rar or .zip files.
9. Requests: You can only request files or services only if you have contributed to the group in a meaningful way, either by responding to threads or posting audio/video links.

10. Civility: Have respect for your fellow members, even if they don't share your opinion. If something is wrong, carefully and politely ask the other member to correct the mistake(s). If the mistake(s) is not corrected. The manager will step in and solve the problem. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE are you permitted to: Insult, attack, or belittle another member. People who violate the rule of civility will result in a permanent ban.
11: Confidentiality: It is assumed that, whatever information you have disclosed in "New Member Introductions" is true. It is also assumed that you've made the disclosure of your personal details under the premise that it will be known to only the members of the group. Therefore. It is FORBIDDEN to use the personal information in "New Members Introductions" in a fashion that is detrimental to the members in question. We ask you to respect the privacy of others. This includes but not limited to: E-mail address, Name, Occupation, Age. Please refrain from disclosing these personal information to outsiders. The penalty shall be severe, if certain members are caught taking advantage of the trust of other members.
Disclaimer: Symphonyshare exercises no control over the content of the information posted to our group. The group provided is self-regulated. Any unlawful acts are the sole responsibility of the individuals committing such acts.
If you agree with the above, and still wish to join Symphonyshare. Please proceed to apply for your membership here: